Bedford Lawn Bowls Club  

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reservation tutorial

On our website's RESERVATION page, note that you must have completed and submitted the SCREENING AGREEMENT.

Click on the SIGN UP! logo (red circle). 

You will be taken to the club's SIGNUP GENIUS page.

Click on the Reserve Your Playing Time text - it is a link to .... 

...the week's reservations page.

You can click on the Sign Up box on any date/time available (red oval). The number of slots already taken in any session is indicated (green arrow). If all slots are filled (red arrow) you will not be able to sign up. The yellow arrow shows a time slot where no one has reserved as yet. 

When you are finished, click on Submit and Sign Up (blue oval). You will be taken to the submission page.....

We need your name and email address. You will be sent an email confirming you reservation(s).