Bedford Lawn Bowls Club  

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1. Membership renewal form (here); 2. Declaration of compliance (here); 3. Insurance waiver  (here)

Note: for documents 2 and 3 you will have to print them off and sign them. Present them the first time you come to bowl (or monitor). Otherwise you will not be allowed on the green. 

Basics:  - In PHASE3 we can have 24 players/session. 

                 - Please do not sign up for more than 5 slots/week to give everyone a chance to get on the green.

                 - Structure like 'coffee league'. Sign up individually, you will be placed in a group for that session.

                 - Please also read the the rules for modified games and the club's expectations of bowlers (here).  

                 - You will be asked about travel/contact history and COVID-19 symptoms at the Club gate.

                 - You will be asked to verify your compliance with expectations verbally at the Club gate.

                 - NOTE: no water or access to washrooms at the Club. Please come prepared!

Due to the prospect of heavy rain in the oncoming storm, we are cancelling Tues and Wed playing times. 

Afternoon sessions have been re-instituted for Thur and Sat. 

Now accepting reservations for:   Sept 24, 26, 27

To make your Reservations, click on the Sign Up! button below. 

You will be taken to the SignUpGenius page for Bedford Lawn Bowls Club. Click on the red Phase 3 Play text to see the roster of spaces.

Sign Up!

If you have difficulty with the reservation process click here for a tutorial.