Bedford Lawn Bowls Club  

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1. You must have renewed your membership on the current form (here).

2. On the membership form you confirm compliance with LBNS's Code of Conduct expectations. Short version (here) and link to complete version on LBNS website (here).

Basics:  - In PHASE4 we can have 48 players/session. 

                 - For the first month or so, all sessions will be 'open play' (no fixed teams). League team play will begin in                         evenings at the beginning of July - stay tuned.

                 - Drop in system, you will be placed in a group for that session.

                 - Please also read the President's message the club's expectations of bowlers (here).  

                 - Signing the log book at the Club gate will attest to your willingness to abide by Public Health regulations,

                      and the LBNS Code of Conduct. 

                 - NOTE: no water at the Club. Please come prepared for drinking water and wetting of rags!